Visualizing Tagging Audits in Domo

Using QA2L API you can easily automate the checks of any tag across your website. The JSON results returned by the API can be then integrated with commercial data visualization platforms such as Domo, Tableau or javascript libraries such as C3.jsD3.js in order to present the data in a way that is most meaningful to your organization. 

Using Domo, we tried our hand at putting together a set of prototypes for visualizing tagging audits. In doing so, we were guided by the following principles:

1. Focus on actionability by highlighting the items that require attention/fixing
2. Keep it simple

For this example we selected 50 random URLs and used the QA2L API to run checks across these URLs for the following rules:

  • Presence of Adobe Analytics page/generic tag
  • Presence of Adobe Analytics s.eVar5 variable and validation of its values against a wildcard match pattern
  • Presence of Adobe Analytics s.pageName variable and validation against a RegEx pattern
  • Presence of Adobe DTM
  • Presence of Adobe Audience Manager
  • Presence of Google Analytics page/generic tag

With Domo's Treemap visualization it is easy to represent the overall percentage and numbers of Failed vs. Successful Audits. In this case ~22% of the checks failed:

The "Drill Path" feature allows us to make the clicks on "Failure" load another Treemap visualization where the tag auditing failures can be viewed by the tagging vendor/tagging parameter that was audited:

Hovering over each area shows the number of tagging checks that failed. Clicking on a particular item reveals a table with the URLs where the tag omissions were detected, so you can make the fixes in your Tag Management System or forward the table of URLs to your developers:

What are your thoughts on representing tagging audits in such a fashion?

Interested in learning how to enable such visualizations in your organization, feel free to send us a message or leave us a comment.

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