QA2L for Web Data Validation

QA2L Flow

Your website is much more than a collection of pages. You want visitors to purchase a product, read a white paper, sign up for a demo, or book a vacation.

When you're measuring success, you look at leads, conversions, purchases. So doesn't it make sense to treat these crucial site journeys with extra special care when it comes to quality assurance? 

QA2L Flow cutting edge technology allows you to record a sequence of steps and specify rules for the expected tags on each step or interaction. Scheduling of these checks and smart alerting will help ensure that your KPIs are always correctly reported.

QA2L Privacy Compliance

Anyone who has rolled out popular cookie consent solutions such as OneTrust, or been tasked with monitoring a wide range of properties for rogue cookies can attest vocally that the challenges are often daunting. As an added twist, most QA automation tools that are supposed to come to our aid in this mission are still trailing behind. Their main deficiency is that they don't make it easy to interact with the page, and this is crucial for any kind of user consent emulation.

QA2L efficiently automates even complex user journeys that expose the effects of different levels of consent on tracking and monitors for rogue cookies and the trackers that may be setting them.

QA2L Data Layer Verification

QA2L's patent-pending technology allows users to intuitively design checks against the parameters of hundreds of MarTech vendors and vendor-native data layers used by Google Tag ManagerTealium, and DTM/Launch.

QA2L can be also easily configured to help you validate the elements of any JSON-formatted custom data layer object, supporting both Event Driven Data Layers as well as W3C Data Layers.

QA2L Scans & Audits

We take a smart, targeted approach to page-level issue discovery via auto-selective site audits and scans.

Our philosophy is that QA automation should not require coding skills or site changes, should be highly cost-effective, and stellar at alerting you about the issues you care about. To that effect, all our features aim to make the platform intuitive, noise-free, and straightforward to grasp even for junior resources and non-programmers.

QA2L API & Integrations

QA2L's mature API makes it possible to control your whole test suite from another app or Google Sheets, and our integration options ensure that targeted alerts will reach your team in places where they already like to congregate.

Easily integrate QA2L results with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Confluence. 

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