QA2L For Email (Sonar)

The worlds of marketing and analytics should be meeting, and instead they often seem to be drifting apart. One example is tracking marketing emails from the first click through to a web-based conversion.

All self-respecting marketing tools provide out-of-the-box impression and click analytics. But these data points mark only the beginning of a user's journey. In big organizations especially, tracking the landings and conversions is the responsibility of "a different team." Which is a code word for data loss and data quality issues.

At the heart of QA2L Sonar is a simple concept—when you have a marketing email draft, you can send it to QA2L as part of your pre-flight tests. 

Within minutes, you'll receive a response detailing information on each of the links, drawing your attention to any CTAs you need to fix, and potentially saving you hours of manual validation

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