Auto-Validation of Tealium Data Layer(s)

QA2L can now discover and automate the validation of any Tealium Data Layer element. 

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Similarly to validating GTM Data Layer(s), this feature allows you to inspect any Tealium data layer element generated after loading a page or interacting with page elements. To see this new functionality in action, load a page using QA2L’s innovated design flow and review the tags that have been detected on the page:


In the list of tags you will see two Tealium categories:

  • Tealium Collector:
  • Tealium Data Layer allows you to configure checks against any element that is discovered in the data layer:


Using a set of logic operators you can configure robust checks for any data layer element in addition to checks for specific vendor requests (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) that are issued as a result of a page load or other user interactions.

Using QA2L's Manage console you can then automatically enable such checks to run on a schedule that suites your needs. When QA2L detects deviations from the expected tag structure, you get an alert in our inbox indicating what exactly has failed. You can also configure such alerts to be sent to a Slack channel.

If manual verification of data layer elements is not an option for your organization and if you'd like learn how to effectively automate the regression tests of data layers in addition to 3rd party tags, contact us to schedule a demo or set up a free trial account.

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