Bags of Tags

IAn analysis of the top 200 most visited U.S. websites, QA2L identified more than 7,800 different third-party vendor tags used on the home pages alone. 

The average number of tags per website was 39; the median was 17.

The analysis takes a deep-dive into the four most popular tag categories:

  • Ad management: tags related to the inclusion, management, and measurement of online ads.
  • Social: tags used for integration of social network components, such as sharing buttons and comments, as well as enabling authentication across websites through existing social media accounts.
  • Analytics: tags that measure overall site performance and identify visitor trends and patterns.
  • Tag management, compliance and IT: vendors that make management and tracking governance easier through proprietary Tag Management Systems (TMS), as well as vendors offering various IT-oriented solutions for site monitoring and performance testing.

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